About us

For over two decades, has been providing quality services to ships calling at Indian ports.The journey has not been an easy one and we overcame many difficulties along the way.However, today Walmart boasts first class facilities and a fleet of vehicles which deliver a full range of food and technical products to our customers.

Our main focus is to provide our clients with the highest standards in quality and service , maintain these standards throughout our alliance, to provide them the reliability they need and deserve.

Our Mission

  • Understand and meet customer's needs by keeping up to date with current industry trends
  • Create a healthy internal environment where the staff is actively involved and motivated
  • Manage our resources and service activities effectively to ensure that the desired result is achieved
  • Continually Assess our service and systems to identify areas for potential improvement
  • Create mutually beneficial long-term relationships with suppliers to enhance value in our offerings

Successful relations with clients keeps our company one step ahead of our competitors.


WALMART MARINE SERVICES was founded in 2002 successfully achieved
diversified its activities by expanding its offering high quality goods and services to its clients creating a good name in the business.

The Group main areas of businesses are Shipchandling, Shipping Related Activities, General trading, Cold Store & Logistics Services.

The company is managed by staff of maritime professionals (Captains and Engineers ) and due to the high quality of service offered over the years, WALMART MARINE SERVICES has developed into the premier ship supply company in India.

We are a 24 Hrs./ 365 days supplier of Ship & Marine Stores & Equipment in India. We supply Security Equipment, Dining & Gallery Equipment, Clothing & Linen Products, Brushes, Hygiene, Stationery, Consumables, Medical Equipment, Hardware, Bathroom Equipment, Ropes & Hawsers etc.

We also deliver various specialized equipment according to the needs and demands of the consumers and clients. In addition, we have managed to supply all these equipment not only in mentioned time but also in the lowest price in the industry. We are also specialized in supplying various types of other specialized equipment like Pipes & Tubes Fittings, Valves, Bearings, Electrical Equipment etc.

All our supplied products are skillfully manufactured by leading manufacturers of the industry to meet the quality standards and superiority of high technology. All such equipment are able to be used in high-quality shipping management.

We have attained several quality certifications due to our consistent struggle and had work. We have achieved a respectable position in the industry in just limited time duration. Now we are all set to move forward with our high-quality

Achieve enduring profitable growth by expanding present system through experience, modernism and technology to become one of the best and successful trade organizations in this region.

  • High quality
  • Competitive price
  • Best in Support & Service
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Superior corporate institution
  • Financial stability
  • Deliver our mammoth experience to our patrons and enhance the growth in each of our business
  • Achieve enduring profitable growth by expanding present system through experience, modernism and technology.
  • Becoming on of the best and successful trade organization in this region.

As the name implies, we provide a complete range of maintenance, repairs, operations, chandlery and provisions, covering all aspects of ship operations: deck, engine, electric, electronics, cabin, medical, stationery, Fire Fighting Apparatus (FFA), Life Saving Apparatus (LSA) and pyrotechnics, etc.

In 2003, WALMART MARINE SERVICES created a new department and commenced the distribution of nautical charts, publications, IMO signs and posters. This department now offers the following items available for worldwide despatch:

  • Admiralty Charts and publications.
  • Weekly Notices to Mariners and weekly tracings.
  • Chart correction service employing Admiralty methods.
  • Digital Charts including ARCS and ENC.
  • BA, IMO, OCIMF, ICS, TSO, NI publications.
  • Admiralty and IMO digital products.
  • Maritime safety training software.
  • Marine Software (cargo, stability, navigation).
  • Various logbooks.
  • IMO Signs and posters.
  • Special signs and posters produced to customers requirements.
  • Aerosol Lubricants
  • Charcoal
  • Grease
  • Miscellaneous Petroleum Products
  • Molybdenum disulfide lubricant products
  • Molykote Products
  • Molyslip Products
  • Pipe Dressing
  • Silicone Grease / Compounds
  • Tank Compounds